We are attempting to stream-line our booking system. The more we can simplify here, the more retreats we can put on... Please read the following carefully:
If you want to reserve a place, please email us with "Reservation" as the 'subject' of your email. In the email text please include your name and the names of any other people who want reservations.
If you want to cancel your place, please email us with "Cancellation" as the 'subject' of your email.  
You can also simply turn up on the day, but please be aware that priority for limited spaces will be given to those with reservations.
for anything else...
We've done our best to include all the info you will need on our Homepage. Please take care in reading over the details.
If you still can't find what you need, you can email us including "Question" as the 'subject' of your email...